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Fantastic winery holiday in Italy

If you dream of an unforgettable holiday, a vineyard holiday in Italy is for you. Italy is known for many things, but they are particularly known for producing world-class wines that many enjoy pouring into the wine glass. On a vineyard holiday in Italy, you get very close to the place where the delicious wines are produced. Here, the owners happily share their knowledge of wine, techniques and agriculture, which creates a rare and experiential atmosphere in which you spend your holiday. In addition to knowledge of wine, you also get scenic surroundings, an authentic atmosphere and a unique calm around you, that makes you relax – and have a real holiday.

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At Local Living, we tailor your vineyard holiday and find just the place that suits your taste, that offers the qualities you prefer and meets even your greatest expectations. We have a unique selection of wineries in Italy where you can spend your holiday – and enjoy some of the best that Italy has to offer: Nature, history, food and of course wine. When you choose to go on a vineyard holiday, you can be sure that you can pack unforgettable experiences into your bag when you go home.


Create memories for a lifetime – take a holiday at a vineyard in Italy

Many Danes prefer Italy as a travel destination. And there are good reasons for that. Italy offers qualities such as food, history, culture, climate, nature, sports, fashion and cars. And there is probably more on the drawing board. However, wine is often a favorite when it comes to boot country darlings, and the idea of living on a rustic vineyard is one that appeals to many. And which doesn’t just have to be a thought. Taking a holiday at a vineyard can become a reality. A good one of its kind. At Local Living, you can view all our wineries that live up to even the highest standards and the biggest dreams of a unique holiday on a farm in Italy.

Several of the farms have been thoroughly renovated, but with respect for the historical details and surroundings. You therefore still get an authentic experience that, however, bears the stamp of contemporary luxury and relaxation. Many of the farms have separate apartments with their own entrance, where there is room for several people. You therefore have ample opportunity to go on a vineyard holiday as both a family and a couple of friends who want space to frolic. Several of the wineries are located close to historic towns, where there is the opportunity to have even more experiences for your luggage.


Vineyard holiday: Seize the opportunity for a unique holiday

A vineyard holiday invites you to calmness, presence and unforgettable experiences. Some would think it’s a holiday that rhymes with romance, and that’s a shame, but it’s more than that. A winery holiday is for both families, couples and friends who have a desire to have a unique holiday together.

When you go on a vineyard holiday, it is very natural that you should have an interest in wine. You must have the desire to learn about wine and see how the grapes are turned into mouth-watering delicacies. But there is also ample opportunity for other experiences and activities at a vineyard in Italy. If you take a closer look at our selection of wineries, you will quickly see that most have a nice swimming pool. Here there is room to swim a few laps, cool down and have a nice time in the heat. Some of the farms also have tennis and golf courses, which give the active members of the family the opportunity to let loose. Many owners of the vineyards also offer activities such as cooking school, excursions to nearby towns and walks in the beautiful countryside. Look through our selection of wineries and dream of a magical holiday that could very soon come true.


Find your holiday home

Type of accommodation







Tenuta La Pieve - Il Giglio +

This independent farmhouse with private swimming pool, is one of the three restored buildings in the land of a beautiful estate, located between Arezzo, Siena and Firenze area. There are in total 3 apartments each with private garden equipped with table and chairs for dining out.The three apartments with nice outdoor area are owned by a prominent family who produce wine and oil. Wine tasting in the villa is part of the experience here.

Only 3 large apartments and spacious

Walking distance to the small village

Panoramic pool

7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023

Poderi Arcangelo

Medium winery with its own restaurant, beautiful pool area, close to San Gimignano.
Poderi Arcangelo produces organic wine, olive oil and various vegetables, which is often used in their own kitchen that serves the restaurant. In the restaurant there is both outdoor and indoor seating.

Small shop selling own products

Activities on site and in the area

Very well maintained

7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023

Tenuta La Pieve - Casale Presciano

A smaller country house in a delicate enclave of private houses, in walking distance to small town. Surrounding the country house is a nice and lush garden with a big lawn that has room for everyone. Fantastic view.

Close to food shopping

Very family friendly

Lovely outdoor area with pool

7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023

Tenuta La Pieve - Casale La Valle

Charming and quiet farm house with a nice pool in several levels with beautiful views. 6 apartments located in different houses - all with individual terraces. Walking distance to village. Tennis court on the other side of the road.
Close to shopping

Small farm house with few apartments

Centrally located for day trips to Arezzo, Siena and Florence

7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023

Tenuta La Pieve - Poggio alle Case +

This independent farmhouse for 6 persons with private swimming pool, is one of the six restored buildings in the land of a beautiful estate, located between Arezzo, Siena and Firenze area. Poggio alle Case was a barn in the past, now a nice cottage, surrounded by hectars of fields and land. The house consists of a spacious private outside area furnished with table and chairs for dining out and BBQ.

Private swimming pool

Close to grocery shopping

Centrally located for day trips
7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023

Il Poggetto

Own production of wine

The owners' own cooking is highly recommended

Well located for cycling
7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023

Casa Colonica

Agriturismo with a nice atmosphere in Umbria. Here are good apartments as well as a children's pool and a larger pool. Not least is the location ideal if you want to go sightseeing in Tuscany and Umbria.

The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy

Nice place for children

Ideal for sightseeing

7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023