Fly & Drive

You can choose to book your flight and car yourself. We provide your accommodation.

Fly & Drive – When booking your flight consider the following:

  • Most accommodation has changeover on saturday. If you can’t find a flight on saturday – it is advisable to book one or more nights in either Pisa, Florence or Rome.  Have in mind, to arrive in Italy, at an appropriate time, so you will have sufficient time, to arrive at your countryside accommodation in the afternoon.
  • Relevant airports for the majority of our destinations are: Pisa, Bologna, Florence Rome and Catania (Sicily).
  • Make sure to do your car booking in good time, to be picked up at the airport. Renting a car at the airport can be difficult, especially during the summer season. It is advisable to bring your child seat from home.


Car rental

Much can go wrong, renting a car in Italy. Ever so often, there is a long queue at the counter. The contract can be hard to understand and maybe your consultant speaks poorly English. I have combined my best advice to you, who choose to rent your car yourself, and I truly hope that following this advice will keep you from having any difficulty with your car rental.

We have chosen to cooperate with Europcar Denmark, and if you show our agreement number, you will get a discount up to 10%.

Tel.:     +45 89331133
Agreement number: 53552581

You can visit the website here.


If you choose not to use Europcar, we recommend that you use one of the other renowned companies like Hertz, AVIS, Budget or Maggiore. Not one of the mentioned companies is morer flawless than the others. Our experience however is, that they make fewer mistakes, and they have offices spread around the country, so it is easy to get in touch with them. On the other hand, we don’t do rental with the following low budget rental companies. Firefly, Keddy, Interent, Enterprise, Locauto, Goldcar etc. They also have pick up points farthest from the airport.


Focus points for your car rental

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that everything works smoothly. Here we will give you some focus points we urge you to be aware of when renting a car:


  • You must have with you, a valid driver’s license and an international credit card belonging to the person mentioned on the contract. All the drivers must be written on the contract. There is a fee for extra drivers. Visa/Dankort does not work in Italy, so bring a MasterCard or Eurocard.
  • Do not sign, under any circumstance, any additional insurance claims unless you are 100% sure that you need the additional insurance. Many of you have already bought the needed insurance and therefore you might not need additional insurance. Don’t sign anything, without proper explanation been given. Most often, it is stressful at the counter, but take your time and make sure you agree with what you are signing for on the contract.
  • You must offer a valid credit card to cover a small service fee, any fines you may get – and to cover eventual damage you might do to the car. If you damage the car and have bought insurance to eliminate own risk on the insurance. The damage amount will be taken from your card and then later refunded via Autoescape insurance – though minus a small fee taken by the car rental company.
  • Photograph the car on pick up. Make sure to note any damage if not noted on the contract. If there is damaged, that is not on the contract, make sure to get it written in, before you drive off. Take pictures of the tank gauge and the mileage on pick up.
  • Make sure everything works– also the cigarette lighter that you might use for the satnav, or as cell phone charger. Just take your time.
  • Avoid fines by paying attention to where you park, speed limitations, and the fact that is a ground rule that driving is not prohibited in the city centers of most towns. (Zona traffico limitato – shown on signs as ZTL). Should you get a fine, it will be forwarded to your home address after your stay (within a span of up to a year after your car rental). The rental company takes a fee for providing the police with your contact details.
  • On return, it is vital to get confirmation from an employee that the car is ok. Remember to bring it back with a full tank, and again, take pictures of the tank gauge, and mileage, as well as picture of the car itself.

I guess you are all suited up now


I wish you a wonderful holiday in Italy – and a smooth car rental.