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A holiday home in Sicily forms the perfect base for a holiday of all times at your own pace. When you rent a holiday home on Sicily, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean, experiences are waiting in line, and you have ample opportunity to create unforgettable memories every single day during your holiday. At Local Living, we rent holiday homes in Italy, and Sicily in particular is close to our hearts. Rent a holiday house or apartment in Sicily through Local Living, and be as captivated by the island’s very special atmosphere as we are.

Holiday at your own pace – rent a holiday home in Sicily

When you rent a holiday home in Sicily with family or friends, you get access to the whole package: beach, sun, culture, nature and, not least, exquisite gastronomy. At the same time, you can decide entirely yourself how your holiday should look like and what you want to do day by day. Sicily is a destination that will please both the active person who can’t get enough experiences home in their suitcase, and the more relaxed type who most of all dreams of a holiday where the batteries can really be recharged so that everyday life is soon up and running again. Of course, it is also possible to combine both parts – it is entirely up to you.

Sicily – one of Italy’s best islands

There are many good reasons to love Sicily, which is packed with romantic small towns, seaside resorts with the most beautiful beaches and cities with clear evidence of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Here you really get to feel the rush of history at the same time that you can enjoy a holiday completely down to gear and focusing on just what is most important to you and your fellow travelers. Find your base in one of our holiday homes in Sicily and go on exciting day trips around the island, or stay in the area near the holiday home if you want to slow down the pace. Sicily is an island that many people return to again and again, and if you have become curious about our holiday homes in Sicily, you can find out more here.

Holiday house or apartment in Sicily through Local Living

A holiday home in Sicily is perfect both for the family with children, for the couple or for the group of friends who want to experience Sicily together. You get rid of fixed meal times and well-planned activity programs, and instead eat when you are hungry and experience what you want. The possibilities are many. Go hiking, play golf, explore life under the sea on a diving trip or something else entirely. Our holiday homes in Sicily are extremely well furnished with everything you need to feel at home and be able to relax during your holiday. Book your stay today so you can start looking forward to your next trip to Sicily soon.


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Duca di Castelmonte

Charming resort with apartments and swimming pool near Trapani. There is a wonderful restaurant, and you can participate in cooking classes.

BB or half board

Very friendly and helpful staff

Good starting point for day trips

7 days
30.01.2023 - 06.02.2023