The taste of Tuscany in an all new cookbook from Local Living

When it is time to relax and enjoy yourself, many people chose to go south – to Tuscany. The area has it all; rich culture, beautiful landscape, comfortable climate and fantastic ingredients. Local Living A/S have sent many on holidays here, where a plethora of lovely, hand-picked country houses and villas constitute the setting.

The life enjoyers highly value the Tuscan cuisine and when you are met by fresh and inviting ingredients, goods and materials, it is hard to not make it yourself in your holiday home. If you ever need any inspiration, Local Living’s travel cookbook has light antipasti, starters, main dishes and desserts, so you can choose exactly that, which fits your cozy moment.

Together with the Tuscany-writers and Local Living’s own house chef, we have created a little, handy Tuscan cookbook with good meals for your holiday. There is an abundance of delicious Tuscan meals with tempting pictures to go along.

The travel cookbook from Local Living can also be bought. The price for an issue is kr. 49.-, but if you travel with Local Living, you get it for free when leaving for Italy.

Order the cookbook by sending a mail to