Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often an area that is difficult to grasp. There are many different providers in the marke, which counts both dedicated travel insurance brokers, general insurance companies and credit card providers.

The right insurance for you depends on your travel habits and where you in the world you travel. The Danish Consumer Council has made a list of what you need to think about – to get the full overview of your insurance needs.

The Consumer Council’s best advice to people who are not completely certain of their travel insurance are:

Ask yourself these three questions and you become more aware of what you need and what you already have.

  • Do you travel a lot or a little?
  • Do you travel frequently within Europe?
  • Are you active during your vacation?

Go all your insurance papers through, and make a picture for yourself. You only need to do this once and then you can upgrade later on, if you are travelling somwhere extraordinary.

Remember, you can be insured in many different ways. For example you can be insursed through your employer or be covered by a collective group accident insurance that also covers your leisure.

One of the advantages of buying travel through a travel agency is that the agency can aissist in giving you an overview of insurance needs for a given trip. Local Living cooperates with European travel insurance, which is the largest and oldest travel insurance company.

Source: Forbrugerrå

Cancellation Insurance

It is often a good idea to a order cancellation insurance along with your trip. Usually a cancellation insurance should be ordered at the time you book the holiday, and paid latest when paying the deposit.

Most cancellation insurances cover you if (this may vary from broker to broker):

• you or other trip participants will be afflicted by illness or injury
• serious illness or death in your immediate family
• the holiday has a specific purpose, such as golf or fishing, and you can not complete this activity due to accident or illness
• Your home is subject to burglary or fire
• you are called in as a witness in a trial or for military service
• you become pregnant after purchase of the travel and pregnancy according to medical assessment means that your trip can not be completed
• you, the student does not pass the exam or because of acute illness may cancel the exam and therefore to resit
• you are separated / divorced or cease cohabitation
• you are exposed to deceptive acts or an unofficial strike in a private businesses
• you will be terminated and must start a new job close to the time of departure
• you are going on a “self-drive holiday” and your car breaks down

Your local insurance brokers may often be a good bet for extensive travel and cancellation insurance. The important part is to get it done when booking the holiday, or latest when paying the deposit.