All holiday homes are rented from Saturday to Saturday. Arrival is typically after siesta (roughly at 4 pm), and departure is during the morning. During lowseason holiday homes can have more flexibility, so please inquire for the possibilities.
Pricing is usually split into 3 seasons:

Highseason from the 4th week in June to the 4th week in August.

Middleseason Easter, May, rest of June, september and last week in August.

Low season All remaining periods.

Specific holiday homes work in 4 seasons, where the 4th season is situated between high- and middleseason.


Tuscany and Umbria generally have mild, humid winters and warm, rainless summers.

Average day temperature in Firenze

April   May  June  July  Aug   Sep   Oct

19°     23°    27°    30°   30°    27°    22°