New Local Living hiking guides

Local Living has developed a few small, unique guides to hiking trips around the Tuscan landscape, on your own. Tuscany is the perfect place to go exploe the soft hills that constantly offer a more enchanting than the previous.

The hikes lead you, in your own pace, through ancient routes that have connected the villages in the area and led the pilgrims to Rome. Here you will transverse areas that can only be experienced on foot, and you see the authentic Tuscany in a calm and relaxing pace.

Local Living’s hikes provides simple and easy to understand instructions and points out points of interest throughout the journey. The hike in the Sienna area goes through the landscape around Monteriggioni that dates back to 1333 and was originally a fortress. The short route is 3 km and leads through a forest with a view towards Monteriggionis towers. The longer route is 10 km long and crawls up the tree lined hillsides at Montanola and back to the exit point via Abbadia Isola with an amazing roman church and a café where you can enjoy a cappucino in the historical surroundings.

Another hiking suggestionn is in the area around Volterra where you can find both 5 and 12 km routes. They start in Volterra and leads through the old city walls, past the etruscian cemetery and the through the open landscape surrounding Volterra. You will find an an astounding view with cypressus, olive groves and wineyards here.

Hikes with picnics

Do you feel like going for a cozy hike with picnic and guide? Then there is rich possibility of this with Local Living. The hikes are for private groups of min. 5 persons and must be booked min. 4 days in advance. There are no set dates for hikes, they are arranged after needs.

The hikes are circular and leave from San Gimignano and Moteriggioni. We can also tailor a hike with starting point at your Local Living holiday home. Contact us and get a price.

The trips are around 5-6 hours andi ncludes an exclusive Tuscan picnic, which is to be enjoyed in nature. The refreshments are included. The trip is guided by english speaking guides with passions for art, history and nature.

The price pr. person is kr. 375.- and is paid directly from the starting place. Call Emily at +39 389 686 1353 from “A Tuscan Table”, and tell her you have been sent from Local Living.

Motorbike or bike

The twisted roads, amazing landscapes and enchanting scents are every motorcyclist’s and bikers dream. We are pleased to help travel bikes to Tuscany or Umbria prior to the holiday so that they are ready for use when you get there yourself, either by car or plane.


Italy is amongst the best golfing places in Europe and thanks to the large interest in the sport, Tuscany alone has 18 golf courses. This ensures that there is a course for every kind of golfer – from the picky golfer who wishes his daily round on a different green to the one who just wishes to spice up the holiday with a single game.

The courses are not overrun, which can be the case in other known golfing destinations, and this allows for more room and ease for each player. The mild, stable climate allows for a very long golfing season, so you may begin it earlier and end it later, than many other places.