Spas and Beaches

Spa Monteccatini Terme
The most grandiose spa in Italy in Art Nouveau style.

Spa L’Antica Querciolaia
Professional treating and fitness center. Outdoors pools with sulfur-rich water.

Maybe the most well known on the coast, outside Lucca and Pisa. Viareggio has an atmosphere as by the Riviera with beautiful, old buildings and ordinary luxury resorts on one side of the road, and lovely beach with lots of people on the other.

Spa Saturnia in the southern Tuscany 

Saturnias warm springs with sulfur breaks through the ground and flows through a string of rapids, a couple of waterfalls and small azure pools. You can lie in the warm water and relax.
Forte dei Marmi northwest of Lucca
One of the many impeccable beaches with straight rows of sun umbrellas, along the northern Versilia.

Monsummano northwest of Firenze
Natural sauna created by extensive subterrainian caves.

Italy’s third largest island with numerous fantastic beaches with white sand and the clearest water. There is a ferry from Piombino.

Monte Argentario south of Grosseto
A mountain-rich peninsula covered by hollies and olive trees and encircled with isolated beaches.

Natural Spa Resorts

Bagni di Pisa, Fonteverde og Grotta Giusti are three spas that belong to Natural Spa Resorts. As a Local Living guest you will get 10% discount at all treatments at any of these spas.

Bagni di Pisa

“One can rightly say that the “Bagni di Pisa” Spa brings relief to some, to many it brings back health that was lost, and it gives great joy to everyone, being so to say, the most beautiful vacation spot of Italy”


A spa of wellness amidst Sienna’s hills, enriched with thermal springs full of therapeutic benefits for the body. It is a balsam for the soul, and wellness for the body.

Grotta Giusti

This place benefits from its’ own thermal cave – a fascinating natural cave with warm water from an underground lake, where you can enjoy a relaxing steam bath. Several spa treatments are also offered.