Catering and chef school

Local Living offers their guests a fantastic experience – a local Italian chef, who will cook specifically what you would like, in your holiday home in Tuscany. He’ll cook anything from dinner for two to larger groups. Try Italian food in the perfect surroundings.

Catering – 100% nydelse 

We are speaking of a truly unique experience here. You can be busy enjoying your vacation and simply let the cook work in “your” kitchen at the holiday home. When dinner is ready, you will simply be called upon where you will be treated with the most delightful Italian courses.

The menu prices are from EUR 30 pr. person for a 3 course menu incl. fresh groceries, wine of the house, water, table setting and driving (max. 1 hour away from Sienna). Treat yourself without blowing the budget.

You can order the chef by sending Local Living a mail with the date, amount of people and budget.Alternatively you can also contact Emily from “A Tuscan Tabel” via phone at +39 3896861353 or at

Chef school in your “own” apartment- ca. 4 hours 

The chef school takes place in your holiday home, where you will be taught a whole Italian menu consisting of antipasti, starters, main course and desert. You will end the night by tasting your dinner in your own surroundings.  The price is dependant on the menu you chose. E.g. chef school with cooking of own pasta is ca. kr. 600.- pr. person. Order at Local Living and we will sort the practicalities with the chef. All we need to know is amount of people, budget and time. Try it – and have an experience that reaches into your home kitchen.