Active holiday

Holidays are no longer just about lazing around and splashing around by the pool when we go abroad. Instead, many of us would like to have an active holiday, where sweat on the forehead, lots of adrenaline and the burning of calories are activated. That’s why we’ve made this overview of a wide range of options you can have in Italy to get your sweat on.


Involves navigating down a fast-flowing mountain stream in a gorge using a variety of techniques, including “abseiling”, where you get roped around yourself and throw yourself over the side of a cliff, climbing, sliding and jumping. The gorge is a natural gorge carved out of the mountainside by a stream of water.

You will find the parks here:


San Miniato (PISA) 




Kayak trip

If you are up for speed and plenty of water, then a kayak trip is just for you. You will be instructed and have an instructor with you all the way so that you can “calmly” enjoy the trip and be in safe hands.

The trip is on the Bagni Di Lucca river, which has small waterfalls and rocks the band with more relaxing areas, and fantastic views.

Monte Pisano Lucca here.

Adventure Sport in

Garfagnana Lucca


There are a lot of opportunities to get some air under your wings. Including paragliding. An experience you won’t soon forget. It will give you lots of emotions that you thought were forgotten since childhood and adrenaline rush.

It requires no experience, and you get an instructor with you. The way it works is that you are paired with the instructor in a tandem. Then the overall processes are reviewed so that you are in safe hands, and after that it’s just beyond the steppes.

You can read more about the places here.

Monte Pisano

Sicily Paragliding

Mountain climbing

If you would like to test the strength of your fingers and put your balance to the test, then I can recommend that you give climbing a chance.

You will of course be taught safety, which techniques may could work, and you will have an instructor with you on the trip, who will secure your lines and carabiners – yes, generally check the equipment.

Don’t worry, you won’t be climbing indoors, but you will be out on some mountain/cliff sides, so you can also enjoy the nature around you.

Monte Pisano

Canyon Park

River rafting

If you are more into speed, excitement and teamwork, then river rafting might be something for you. River Rafting most often takes place in autumn, winter and spring because the water level is higher. When you go river rafting, you will be instructed in safety, and will be trained in what to do if you fall into the water, etc. So safety is top notch, and there is an instructor on the trip to steer the boat roughly safely through it.

It is the perfect trip for team building or to create unity with the family, because you will be put to the test and have to cooperate in stressful and wild situations.


Adventure Sport in Garfagnana Lucca


If you are more into a little less excitement and wildness, then Zipline is just the thing for you. If you don’t quite know what Zipline is, think back to when you were a child and there was a cable car on the playground. This cable car is just bigger, longer and a little wilder. There are of course instructors on hand to help you get into the harness and connect you to the cable. Once you’re hooked up and safety is in order, it’s just off you go, beyond lakes and over land. On such a zipline trip, your speed can approach 130 km/h.

Vagli Park



There are a lot of options for booking an active holiday in Italy, many more than what I have mentioned here. But if you have fallen for one of the places and think you should try it, you can see our selection of homes near the places. You can see them here.

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