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Have a more sustainable holiday

At Local Living, we want to inspire you to take a holiday with greater consideration for the environment. That is why we have selected holiday homes where a choice has been made about some more sustainable initiatives, so that it will be easier to support a greener planet on holiday. Do you want to contribute to a greener transition during the holidays? Then take a look at our trips we offer at Local Living.


Local production of raw materials provides tasty food experiences

We love a holiday where care has been taken not to put too much strain on the environment. Where nature is at the center, where you grow for your own production and only eat the ingredients that are in season.

At the same time, eating the ingredients that are in season provides a much more authentic and flavorful experience, and you can enjoy the local delicacies with a clear conscience. Here you get super fresh and incredibly delicious food straight from the local area. There’s nothing like Italian cooking – especially not the locally produced kind. The Italians in the small towns are very keen to support the local, both in terms of food, but also materials for buildings, etc. They shop and support locally, which also ensures that you can have a holiday with greater consideration for the environment without think about it.


Homes with consideration for the environment

All Local Living’s holiday homes are carefully selected by us, and we visit them as often as possible. When we choose accommodation, it is you as a guest who is the first priority, but we also have in mind that the place must really take care of the environment. This can, for example, be through an initiative where the site focuses on reducing energy consumption. It can be in the form of solar cells, natural swimming pool, ecology, local housing materials or electric chargers for the electric car. Ideally, energy reduction should be thought of all the way around, but a little is also right. If we ourselves decide to contribute to a greener transition by just making some small changes, then it is also far better than doing nothing.


Book a more environmentally friendly trip with Local Living

A holiday with consideration for the environment does not have to compromise on either quality or great experiences. If you choose a holiday home where some more environmentally friendly choices have been made, you are also supporting greener development. Enjoy a delicious Italian meal filled with locally produced ingredients, which provide wonderful taste experiences on holiday.

You can also choose to travel by train to Italy if you want to be more considerate of the environment on holiday. A relaxing train trip to Italy offers plenty of beautiful views, so just enjoy the unique landscapes that change from fields, alps and fine towns gradually as you travel south.


Go on a holiday full of experiences that you won’t soon forget. Feel the real authentic Italy unfold and get your eyes open to the green transition under the southern sun.



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