For kids in Tuscany

When you chose to bring your kids to Tuscany, it is most likely to be together with them and enjoy yourselves with a game of cards, a book, a good water fight or something along those lines.

But there are possibilities to go to exciting destinations in both small cities or at one of the weekly markets. There are many children families that enjoy their authentic and true holiday experiences in a nice and quiet pace.

If your children want (and you too..) to go to a water park, then the selection is actually quite limited. Along the coast line there are wonderful beaches with many different sports activities..


We know of a lovely water park near Sienna along with two large water parks in Cecina and Follonica, which is on the west coast.


There is a beautiful pool park for all ages – Mulino di Quercegrossa, which lies just north of Sienna. It is a nature park with 7 swimming pools that are in conjunction with each other. There is a 150 m long stream where you can swim against the stream or have a nice walk in the shallow water. There is a lake, a kids park, a whirlpool, a large central pool and a round, deep (4 m) pool with diving possibilities.

Price from Monday to Friday is 10 Euro for the whole day, and from 3 p.m.. the price is approx. 7 Euro. Saturdays approx. 12 Euro for the whole day, and approx. 9 Euro from afternoon. Half price for children accompanying adults. Open from 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. every day to the 30th of September.



Acqua il parco – Water park

Via Tevere 25 57023 Cecina Mare (Livorno province)

Acquapark – 75.000 m2 water park – Follonica (Gosetto-provinsen)
Zona Capannino – Località Mezzaluna Follonica (GR)
Furthermore there is a large amusement park with lots of activities for an entire day:
Cavallino Matto – Via Po 1 – Marina di Donoratico (Livorno province) – 60.000 m2 amusement park

And maybe the kids would enjoy a trip to springs in Saturnia? – See under bathing places and spas link

Additionally it is also possible to rent bikes at many of our holiday homes, or ask where the nearest bike rental is.

There are also some very exciting museums, which would definitely excite the most kids. In Vinci Leonardo da Vinci used to live and there is a good meseum – also for kids and in Lucca you will find