Local Living homes

We are thoroughly attentive to our holiday homes to make sure they always match Local Living.

g’s founding criteria – convenience, charm, pool, garden and shadeful spots – and to describe the home as concise as possible. As you, our customers, usually can’t see the home before the holiday, we strive to give you enough information so you get a fitting and filling picture of the home. All homes have pictures, descriptions and distances to important cities and location (in Google Maps).

All homes lie in quiet, country surroundings with a view, stretching over either Tuscany or Umbria. Most holiday homes are reached by good roads (however few by gravel road the last part) and have gardens with outdoor furniture. The furbishing is often traditional and provides a good combination of comfort and functionality.

We always highly weight good beds, and encourage all our holiday homes to continually change madrasses and naturally buy quality. The sofa beds are of swinging quality. Baby beds can be ordered in practically all houses.


The swimming pool is open from 15th May to 30th September, if nothing else is stated. The pool can be open longer, if the weather allows it.


When you have decided to order, you can send an email toinfo@localliving.dk or via the formulae here. Shortly after you will receive a confirmation on the booking together with the driving instructions and payment information. The payment is split into the deposit (1.200 Kr. pr. person), which is paid latest 7 days after the booking and the rest, which is paid 60 days prior to leaving.

Deposit (local)

The owners of the holiday homes usually wish a small deposit, which is paid at your arrival to the home. This is a security against e.g. damage in the property. It will be returned to you after the period of rent.

Period of Rent

Saturday to Saturday is the normal period of rent and during high season it’s a requirement to rent at least 7 days. Outside high season more flexibility is possible. Arrival is Saturday night and departure is Saturday morning. (The exact time is provided within the travel voucher)


Prices are given in Danish crowns and cover a week’s rent for the amount of people shown. Prices do include linen and towels (not for pool use however), and is changed weekly. Electricity and water is also included in the price. Usually the departure cleaning is included unless anything else is stated. Heat and aircon. is to be settled directly with the owners.


We dearly hope that all our guests should be happy and content, and that your expectations be lived up to. Should this not be the case, for one reason or another, you should refer to the owner or us immediately. Has the holiday home not been cleaned thoroughly at arrival, you should immediately ask for a new cleaning. Everyone wishes you the best possible holiday, and the owners put their hearts into these homes, so say it as soon as you encounter it.

We of course want to hear from you, when you return from your holiday in Tuscany or Umbria with Local Living. Send us an email and tell us about your good experiences.

Opening hours – Stores

As most know the siesta is quite widespread in Italy, which means that most stores are closed from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. daily. The Italians spend this time by going to a restaurant to have a nice meal, or they go home to be with the family. On Saturdays, many smaller stores are closed after siesta while the bigger supermarkets are open to 8 or 9 p.m. Sundays only provide limited possibilities for grocercy shopping, and it is especially the large hypermarkets that are open. For you – our guests – it means that you should find a place to do your shopping on the way to the country house, should you pass one. You can always buy more supplies at the autogrill near the highway or at bars/cafés. The PAM supermarket in the large shopping center across from the train station in Sienna is open fra 9 a.m to 9 p.m. on Sundays.


Chances are that you will end up refueling at an Autogrill at the highway, and most of them are serviced so that a serviceperson will help you to refuel. Payment is also done directly to this person. “Pieno” means full tank. You can either pay with cash or creditcard. If you wish to purchase a sandwhich, coffee or anything else, you pay for it first after which you can you point it out.


When you enter the highways, you need to get a ticket from the tollboth. Bring the ticket and pay when you leave the highway. The ticket will be scanned and the amount can be seen on a display. You can pay with credit card (without code) or with cash.

Linen and Towels

All our holiday homes ensure that you have fresh bed linen and towers when you arrive. They are usually not changed more than once a week, so if you wish more frequent changing you can ask for – and it can be done for a symbolic payment. There is no cleaning throughout the week and often it is possible to buy this as an additional service. When you live 14 days in the same holiday home you will have it cleaned on Saturdays. If you wish to have towels at the pool, you’re asked to bring these yourself as the ones in the houses are not suitable for pool use.

Bathing Hats

Some holiday homes requires you to use a bathing hat when using the pool. This is to avoid hair getting stuck in the filtration system. If it’s a requirement, then just throw on the cap – it’s for everyone! This way we all look silly together 🙂