Beautiful Towns

Italy is a country with fantastic possibilities and resources. Every region and every city, be it large or small, has it’s own history and very, very special traditions. This is especially seen in the art and architecture, in the food and way of life.

Many chose to go to Italy in their holidays to value what the classical tours and destinations offer. Unless you leave the main road and venture into the less known Italy, and in this way create your truly unique holiday experience.

The official Italian tourist council (ENIT) and the organisation  “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” have created a guide over the most beautiful towns in Italy and Tuscany and Umbria is of course represented.

Below we bring you a few examples from the guide:


Anghiari – Tuscany

Anghiari is a beautiful medieval town that dominates the upper parts of the green valleys of Tiberen. In the middle ages the city had a very important strategic location and was practically unconquerable due to the sturdy walls from the 13th century. Anghiari who was proud to be Tuscan and was an ally and follower of the Florentine culture. This has been immortalized by Leonardo da Vinci in a now lost, but still sought for painting.

Anghiaris typical product, if you can call it that, is “time”. The city is full of antique dealers who search the area for treasures from the past. This passion has turned into trade activity as the city’s craftsmen can restore anything to it’s former glory.

This town is furthermore the place to unite art, craftsmanship, nature and good food. Anghiaris largest riches is the landscape and the historical legacy’s quality.

Through the course of a year, there tons of activities in the town, such as concerts and entertainment on the old town’s square, hikes or exhibitions on museums.

Castiglione del Lago – Umbria

The name stems from the medieval fortress that was built in the 13th century and called “Castello del Leone” after its pentagonal shape, which was inspired by the star constellation Leo.

The town’s high altitude provides an exceptional panoramic view. On one side you have the beautiful Trasimen lake and Cortona, and to the other Panicale, Cittá della Pieve and the hills surrounding Chiusi all the way down to Monte Amiata. Castiglione is easy to get to by car and train. The town can furthermore be the starting point to nearby cities in Tuscany and Umbria. At the bottom of the city, which is located inside Parco del Trasimeno, you’ll find a recreational area with sandy beaches.

There are also a lot of activities and events here: international kite flying competitions, exhibitions, museums, theater arrangements, international music festivals and much more.