Botanical gardens in Tuscany

Tuscany offers many activities during your holiday with Local Living. A new suggestion, is to visit the beautiful architectural gardens, that lay in the area. The people of Italy have through centuries created these beautiful “pieces of art”, and if it’s part of your interests we recommend looking through our experience guide, which can found on the front page.

For more information about the botanical gardens in Tuscany, you may visit:

Villa Gamberaia lies on the side of the Settignano-hill, with a stunning view over Florence and the surrounding Arnodal.

The Villa is known for its amazing garden, which is saluted by leading garden historians and architects from all over the world. This beautifully landscaped garden with considerate proportions, in a limited area creates the perfect harmony and ideal. The change from the previous “summer house” to the palace-looking villa it is today, was finished in the start of the 17th century.

It is not known who drew the garden but it was the nobleman Zanobi Lapi who started the project, which his nephews completed after his death. A clear change happened in the late 19th century, when princess Ghyka bought the garden and transformed it into a spectacular water garden with help from garden architect Martino Porcinai.

Villa Gamberaia
Via del Rossellino 72
Settignano (FI)
tlf +39-055 697205
fax +39-055 697090

The french artist Niki de Saint Phalle started the work on his “Tarot-park” in the end of the 1970’ies. In the garden, which you may find outside the small city of Capalbio in the southern Tuscany, you will find a lot of large, colorful sculptures that are inspired by tarot-cards.

The work on this massive piece moved forward, with a lot of internationally renowned artists as Jean Tinguely, until her death in 2002.

The garden is open from the beginning of April to the middle of October.